What My Kid Says These Days – Part 5

IMG_6692.JPGCaspian and I were in a cafe. He was singing to himself when a man at the check-out spoke to him. Hiding behind me, he mumbled something in response.

‘Are you a mummy’s boy?’ The man said.

‘Mummy is not a boy! Mummy is Gulara!’ he protested.

He finds everything he sees. For example,

‘I found flowers!’ he delights looking out into the garden.

‘I found a house!’ he shouts pointing at the house across the road from us.

‘I found a lake!’ he says in the local park.

‘I found a helicopter!’ he points at the sky.

Likewise, whatever or whoever he doesn’t see, he lost.

‘Mummy, I lost you!’ He says when he can’t find me in the bedroom.


‘Caspian and daddy,’ he says pointing at his photo where he’s 6 months old.

‘Yes, baby Caspian and daddy.’

‘It’s not a baby! It’s Cas-pi-an!’


‘I ran out of ump’ he says crouching on the walk. ‘Carry me!’


In a cafe:

‘Which cake would you like.’

‘That one,’ he points at an evil looking quadruple chocolate cake.

‘No, that’s too sickly.’

‘I want that sickly!’ he shouts pointing at a doughnut.


Caspian’s dad kisses him on his cheek.

‘Yak! I don’t like your germs,’ he wipes his face. ‘I like mummy’s germs. They suit me.’


I took him to a church service recently. A nice vicar made some announcements: weddings, meetings and last but not least the 83rd birthday of a man sitting in the back row. The whole congregation sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the man. Caspian joined in, his eyes lighting up with excitement. When we stopped singing he said:

‘Where’s the cake?’


He loves finding snails in the garden.

‘Look, Caspian, a snail is coming towards you.’

‘He’s not coming.’

‘You are right, he’s crawling.’

‘He’s not crawling. He’s sliming.’



39 thoughts on “What My Kid Says These Days – Part 5

  1. Our children are that un ashamed , bold and re -ignited fire thta reminds us how we should be in society. I hate the way society changes us. My daughter said to me the other day
    “Goddamn Mommy!”

    I am not religious but I do know this expression can be seen as insulting and inappropriate.

    “You can’t use that word” I said
    Eyes lowered down , ashamed.
    “Sorry Mommy”
    How on earth would I ever be able to explain that I don’t mind her using that word but she could be seen as disrespectful if she does start using that word?
    I said
    ” if you hear me or Daddy say that word. Tell us we are being impolite. If you are feeling angry or frustrated say ‘OH MY HAT'”
    She loves it.
    Society frustrates me but I need my child to know that the words and actions she chooses to use in the society she lives in today can have consequences. She does not know how to analyse her beliefs and values yet. So until she is able to grasp and debate with me. I have to integrate into a society I might not necessarily agree with all the time.

    Your son sounds like a free spirit. That is what we don’t won’t our chldren to lose.

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    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It’s such a fine balance to let children express their truth AND to socialise them enough to do well in their day-to-day life. Both are important and we can only do our best. I’m so glad you found such a creative way to deal with the situation. I love it too. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  2. This is a lovely post, we’re all writers, but the stuff kids come out with is natural genuis! Caspian sounds adorable 💜 It was my birthday yesterday and my seven year old said “it’s a good job you haven’t got your period today as you wouldn’t be enjoying it so much !!” 😆😜

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    • Happy belated birthday! Your seven year old is very wise – I loved it. It’s never the same to have a birthday during your period 😀 Hope you had a great day. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  3. How gorgeous, Gulara. I just love the things that children say. I’m so pleased you are writing them down. What a wonderful record of Caspian’s developing language and understanding of the world. Thank you for sharing them with us. 🙂

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  4. I’m so glad you’re sharing these with us so we can delight in the wonderful things Caspian says. It never fails to remind me of those glorious laugh-a-minute days of young children. You just can’t predict what they’re going to come out with, but whatever they say is so logical! x

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  5. Dear Gulara,
    How wonderful it is that you are recording what your son says. I did that for so many years. For years they would rather have been caught dead than caught reading about those early days–or reading any of my writing–Now my children pour over their baby books, letters and sweet notes I’ve saved. Now it’s all tears and laughter.

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    • Dear Nancy, how lovely to hear from you. Thank you for reading and commenting. I had the same experience as a child, cringing every time adults talked about my childhood or showed some artefacts 🙂 Now I treasure them and can’t get enough. I’m keeping a lot of things for my children to appreciate one day…. Thank you for sharing your experience here.


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