How Self-Compassion can Help your Editing Process


Earlier this week I wrote about my experience of editing my manuscript. It didn’t really surprise me that many people who commented had similar experiences. I guess it’s the nature of writing a book, especially, if it’s the first one.

So, in case you’ve been grappling with the process too, below is a short audio, as well as written statements to help you take the edge off your struggle around editing. The statements are based on people’s comments, so they include a range of experiences. Their purpose is to give ourselves compassion for difficult experiences we had on this path. The power of self-compassion is astounding and can help dissipate difficult patterns with ease and grace.

Would you join me on this inner exploration?

If you prefer to read the statements, please take a couple of breaths to ground yourself, bring your attention to your heart centre and solar plexus and give yourself warm heart energy.

  • I’m so sorry editing your work takes such a long time
  • I’m so sorry you had to go through so much heartache to put your work out into the world
  • I’m so sorry you lost the count of the edits you had to do to improve on your work
  • I’m so sorry that the process of writing a book is so daunting that you never even attempted it.
  • I’m so sorry that you are holding back
  • I’m so sorry you sometimes get impatient with yourself and your work
  • I’m so sorry the process is not easier and more straightforward
  • I’m so sorry that it feels like you have to walk through fire to get your books published
  • I’m so sorry you had so many trials and tribulations on this path
  • I’m so sorry you send your work out into the world and don’t even hear back from agents and publishers
  • I’m so sorry you take their lack of response personally
  • I’m so sorry you lose faith in the quality of your work
  • I’m so sorry it takes so many re-writes and revisions in order to improve on your manuscript
  • I’m so sorry too much external input may take away from the core of your book.

That’s it for now. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth; bring your attention to your feet on the ground; and have a glass of water at your earliest convenience.

So, how was it? Let me know below, please.


5 thoughts on “How Self-Compassion can Help your Editing Process

  1. I’m currently editing my manuscript after receiving back my beta comments. There is much to do and I have to admit I do feel somewhat overwhelmed. Perhaps I need to put up some encouraging words to remind myself that I can do this. Thanks for your editing posts Gulara…

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    • You absolutely can, Marje. Be gentle with yourself. See whether you could do something that will support you while you are incorporating comments. Those comments (however helpful) can be such a massive trigger. I can only speak for myself, but when I got some comments from a dear friend last year it took me 6 months to face my manuscript again and only 1 hour to do the changes! So, yes, having lots of encouragement and reminders is a great idea.

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      • Yes the comments I’ve received have been so helpful but you do have to gulp a little when you read them. Digest and then act on them. Encouragement and reminders are so helpful too. Luckily I have this wonderful blogging community, Cambridge Writers Group, and my daughter (who also writes) and understands to keep me propped up and positive. A support network is key. 🙂

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      • It’s great you have all this support, Marje, makes the world of difference. I just sent my manuscript for assessment to a literary consultancy. I hear they don’t sugar coat their feedback, and I somewhat dread receiving it. But it’s an integral part of the process and I’ll be sure to pop into the blogosphere to seek encouragement and support. 🙂

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