The Most Precious Commodity


To me the most precious commodity is time. It’s finite, especially given how many demands I have on my time. Some of those demands are joyful: like spending time with my family or having a massage. Other demands are just a necessity: it’s cleaning, cooking, work-related activities, etc. So I constantly feel the shortage of time. And I know it’s just a perception. Have you experienced those days when time becomes timeless, when in the course of 24 hours you have such a full life it feels a week long, when time slows down because… you did. It’s magic, and I love those moments. Paradoxically, the more we rush around, the less there’s time to play with. As a result, we find ourselves overwhelmed and burnt out.

If you can relate, then please join me for a short healing meditation. I’ve compiled a list of compassion phrases from the comments people made in response to my post about coping with overwhelm. As I mentioned in my previous posts, these statements are not affirmations. Their purpose is to dissolve any blocks and unhealthy patterns, if any. If you say a phrase and there’s no resonance, that’s OK. There’s no harm in giving yourself compassion. And if something else is coming up for you, feel free to change the words.


If you prefer to read the statements, please take a couple of breaths to ground yourself, bring your attention to your heart-centre and solar plexus, and give yourself warm heart energy, while reading out the statements (preferably out loud).

  • I’m so sorry you are juggling so many responsibilities
  • I’m so sorry there are so many demands on your time
  • I’m so sorry there are so many demands on you
  • I’m so sorry this pressure burns you out
  • I’m so sorry this overwhelm drains your energies
  • I’m so sorry you are running on empty
  • I’m so sorry there are not many opportunities to recharge your batteries
  • I’m so sorry it’s so difficult to balance your passions and your responsibilities
  • I’m so sorry finding and maintaining a balance is a myth
  • I’m so sorry you thought you could do it all: have a family, career and time for yourself
  • I’m so sorry that me-time gets squeezed out of your busy life
  • I’m so sorry you feel guilty when you take time out
  • I’m so sorry you simply can’t do everything
  • I’m so sorry there’s never enough time to fit everything in
  • I’m so sorry you didn’t know how to take care of yourself
  • I’m so sorry other commitments take you away from what really matters to you.
  • I’m so sorry you struggle to run your blog in amongst the rest of your life.

That’s it for now. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth; bring your attention to your feet on the ground; and have a glass of water as soon as possible.

So, how was it? Let me know below, please.

15 thoughts on “The Most Precious Commodity

  1. “Paradoxically, the more we rush around, the less there’s time to play with.”

    So true. Have come to realize this in the last few years. Agree with you that time is precious, do with it what makes you whole, eh?

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    • Have you heard an expression: ‘You should meditate at least for half an hour every day, except when you are busy, because then you should meditate for an hour 🙂 ‘ I know the principle and I’m still learning to apply it in my life. Thanks for reading, Ally.

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  2. Reading this, and participating in the meditation, I felt kind of sad. I really am sorry for the lack of time to share with loved ones and to share it with myself…. Because society took a lot of time away…and energy…forced me once to make the wrong decisions. A very important lesson to change the way I lived. Thank you for reminding again ❤

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    • Thank you so much for participating, and if sadness arises it’s worth giving yourself compassion for it: I’m so sorry you are sad; I’m so sorry there’s little time to share with loved ones and with yourself; I’m so sorry society took a lot of your time and energy away; I’m so sorry society forced you once to make the wrong decisions; I’m so sorry you regret those decisions and lost time; I’m so sorry it took you some time to change the way you lived; I’m so sorry you are still mourning that precious time. Sending love, thank you for commenting and sharing the post. I’m deeply grateful for all your support.

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  3. Thank you for compiling these meditations for us, Gulara. I appreciate the generosity of your spirit. As I now move into the last third of my life I realise that time is indeed infinite. There is little I can do to turn it back. I have no other choice but to enjoy! I’m pleased you’re a part of it. 🙂

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  4. Love the inspiration from your post, Gulara. Time is indeed the only common commodity between human beings. Making use of these hours that slip between our fingers is not always easy, especially for working parents. As I took care of my children I felt sometimes frustrated and wanted longer days. But I also learned to prioritize and cut on TV and social events to write. Now that I have more free time, it’s easier but I still need the discipline to cut on certain things in order to write. Best to you and your readers.

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    • I know I’ll look back and think: why didn’t I just relax and enjoy kids while I could (in a couple of years time). But right now that’s not where I’m – I want it all, and I have only what I can 🙂 Learning to enjoy what I have… Thank you so much for reading, Evelyne, I appreciate your comment.


  5. My daily meditation is just before I get out of bed. I think about the things I want to do that day, and then I think about things that I have recently accomplished, or have healed, or simply that the sun is shining, and feel truly thankful. It really works for me.

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    • What a beautiful practice, Angelika, thank you so much for sharing. It’s so important to set ourselves up for the day and you clearly have a beautiful way of doing so. I know the principle but don’t always practice it. My mornings are hectic – 3 and a half year old, and 1 and a half year old have very different idea of a morning routine. But little by little 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by.

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