Fear Release


One of the stories I was brought up on is about Mullah Nasraddin. It goes like this:

One day Mullah was sending his daughter to fetch a jug of water from a well. Before she sets out, Mullah slapped her across her face.

‘Why did you hit her?’ A passer-by asked.

‘So that she doesn’t break the jug.’

‘But she hasn’t broken it yet.’

‘What’s the point of hitting her after she breaks it?’

I resonated a lot with it because that model was a big part of my upbringing. In an attempt to keep me safe, my grandma scared me into obedience and compliance.

What I took on was a belief that fear kept me safe. In truth, fear made me very vulnerable.

My imagination conjured up the worst case scenarios for every event, paralysing me into inaction, and sometimes even manifesting those fears into reality. I was too terrified of making mistakes and getting things wrong in life. Getting anything done from that ‘fight or flight’ mode is hard work. It’s like pushing a boulder up a steep hill.

Today’s compassion meditation is about releasing fear. I’ve compiled a list of compassion phrases from the comments people made in response to my post  In the face of fear – R-e-l-a-x. As I mentioned in my previous posts, these statements are not affirmations. Their purpose is to dissolve any blocks and unhealthy patterns, if any. If you say a phrase and there’s no resonance, that’s OK. There’s no harm in giving yourself compassion. And if something else is coming up for you, feel free to change the words.


If you prefer to read the statements, please take a couple of breaths to ground yourself, bring your attention to your heart-centre and solar plexus, and give yourself warm heart energy, while reading out the statements (preferably out loud).

  • I’m so sorry you fear the fear itself
  • I’m so sorry you fear to feel exposed
  • I’m so sorry you fear that people reading your words may get a glimpse into your secret fears
  • I’m so sorry you fear that you won’t write anything good again
  • I’m so sorry you use your imagination to scare yourself, rather than to free yourself of your fears
  • I’m so sorry you hold on so tightly to your fears
  • I’m so sorry you thought that holding on to fear may keep you safe
  • I’m so sorry living in fear became so familiar that you didn’t even realise how numb you feel on the inside
  • I’m so sorry you fear to fail.

That’s it for now. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth; bring your attention to your feet on the ground; and have a glass of water as soon as possible.

So, how was it? Let me know below, please.

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