How to Maintain Momentum in Busy Times

You may (or may not) have noticed that I missed my regular post this Monday. It’s been a busy teaching week, and I was hoping to share a guest post of mine, but it had not yet been published. In the past, I’d probably have panicked. I worked so hard to build engagement around my blog, and now not only I’ve slowed down the pace, but also I’ve missed my self-imposed deadline. I know that feeling of panic well: it’s an old belief that if I slow down, I’d never pick up the pace again, that somehow I always have to be on, or else I’ll loose the momentum.

Having lived that reality for many years I now know it’s not true. Pushing through resistance and tiredness is a sure way to slow yourself down. Because let’s face it: if you ignore what your body says, you are likely to produce less and take longer. Why not to take a break instead?


Here are a couple of ways to maintain momentum, even if all you want to do is to stop:

1.     Make a gratitude list

So often, we tend to put our attention on what’s not done yet, undermining what we have already achieved. Take the stock. Pause and reflect: what have I already done well? Give thanks to yourself and to the people who’ve supported you. You’ll feel a lot better for it.

2.     Simplify

Another pattern I know well is this desire to do it all right now. Not only is it unreasonable, but it’s also overwhelming. I’ve come to realise that, it’s not about doing a lot all at once. Often, it’s an incremental build-up which takes attending to at regular intervals. The key is consistency. Show up, do your bit, one step at a time. Break down what needs to be done into small manageable chunks. It’s much easier to plan writing one chapter at a time than the whole book.

3.      De-clutter

The amount of mental energy clutter consumes is epic. Every time I get overwhelmed with work, the first thing that gets on my nerves is clutter, because the outer reality reflects the inner. When I de-clutter, I feel so much lighter and energised.

4.     Do the inner work

If you get stuck and struggle to maintain the momentum, chances are you need to de-clutter your inner blocks. Why? Well, you wouldn’t consider having a shower once a decade, would you? Or tidy up the house once and expect it to remain that way. Doing the inner work is like cleansing from within. If you need help with this, please, get in touch.

Those were my four quick tips on maintaining momentum. What about you, dear reader? How do you maintain momentum in writing and life? Please share with me.

5 thoughts on “How to Maintain Momentum in Busy Times

  1. Dear Gulara, I did notice that you skipped the Monday post and was wondering what happened. Thanks for sharing the reason with us. It means that you’ve accepted the fact that you’re just human. Well, being a mum of two is already a feat in itself, let alone teaching, writing, working for yourself and fitting your husband in your life too. So, well done you for slowing down!
    I too sometimes struggle to keep the momentum, although my life is much simpler than yours. When that happens, I prefer to de-clutter or do some ironing than stare at my laptop feeling guilty because I’ve plenty to do and my brain can’t concentrate. It works like magic: lots of new ideas for the plot or marketing and a cleaner house. The other strategies I use is to simplify and delegate. Some things are best left alone sometimes if we care about our sanity. Have a restful weekend dear.


  2. Dear Gulara, I’m glad you are taking care of yourself, and No, I didn’t notice that you missed a post. But I do laugh, since I’m older than you, my life is slowing down. I find it hard to feel charged up about accomplishing much of anything. However, stress is the main issue there. For me de-stressing is my main motivator for accomplishing anything. Years ago I took some coaching courses. I have been re-reading the instructions to see if I can pick up my motivation and enthusiasm again. So relaxing and caring for ourselves is critical to accomplishing goals. Take care, as you have a full load on your hands. HUGS!!


    • Thank you dear Gwynn. The older I ret the more I realise that self-care is the key. So great to hear that you are revisiting coaching materials to re-connect with your motivation and enthusiasm. You’ve got so much to offer. Big hug.


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