Pressing a Pause Button


IMG_2726.JPGSo, I disappeared.


It’s so uncharacteristic of me that one of my readers reached out to check whether I was OK.


About a month ago, I got snowed under marking exams. The task was so large and overwhelming that I didn’t even have time to schedule a post someone sent me for ‘Good Enough’ series. I didn’t even have time to turn on my computer. Working days, evenings and weekends was tough to say the least.


Everything else had to stop.


I’m pleased to say, the marking is behind me, and so is a conference I attended in Ukraine (I hope to write about it sometimes soon). What’s ahead is trips to five countries within the next two months. Yep, I’m teaching in Germany, followed by more teaching in Belgium and Luxembourg. I’m away the last two weeks of June, home for ten days in July before heading to the USA for five days. To round things off, I’m taking kids to Azerbaijan to spend some quality time with my family. I’m in desperate need of some pampering!


Meanwhile, I’m working hard to get ready for my trips.


Oh, and I’m running three different events on writers’ block this weekend. If you are local (Birmingham, England) and interested in attending, please, email me on


Thank you for stopping by. I miss you all. Not sure when I’ll write my next post, but hopefully, it’ll be before too long.


With much love




18 thoughts on “Pressing a Pause Button

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’re fine. I was thinking about you but I didn’t want to say anything. I thought we didn’t have coffee yet for me to be asking. Ha-ha! Your schedule sounds hectic. I sometimes I wish my work involved travel but maybe that’s only because I don’t travel. I hope you come to South Africa one day. Much love and hugs. xxx

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    • Thank you Anne, who knows, I may even make it to South Africa one day 🙂 I remember going along to a dinner at someone’s house a few years ago. We used to dance five rhythms but hardly ever spoke to each other; so at some point that evening I acknowledged how weird that was. And he said: but we have danced! That’s more than any words can do…. So, we have read each others’ posts! That’s better than having coffee together (though coffee together sounds just what I need right now!) Hope all is well. Big hug and lots of love. xxx

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      • I sure hope so. We won’t just have coffee. We will do dinner. 😄

        I like your story. It makes sense. We don’t think that way but yes, there are various ways to connect and we all find what’s good for us. 😊

        Much love and warm hugs. 🤗💖

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    • Thank you for reading, Louise. I’m so looking forward to reading your book. Is it still due in January 2018? How’s the new book progressing (sorry, I should know from your blog, but I haven’t visited in a looong time).xx

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    • Oh, Wendy, there’s never enough rest 😀 Change of scenery is often restful for me, so I’ll make sure that I get some downtime. Enjoy your trip and say hello to Cindy for me please.xx


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