How to Get What You Really Want


I’m standing in a shop staring at the most exquisite piece of clothing I’ve ever seen. It’s the colour of milk chocolate and has silky texture.

I’m 18 and there is nothing I had wanted more in my entire life than this pair of trousers with legs so wide that they could be mistaken for a skirt. The trousers are long, probably ankle-length, so modest enough for me to wear to work. Normally, I’m not allowed to wear trousers. My family is too conservative for these frivolities. But this…. Perhaps this could be an exception.

Except, I don’t have the money.

They cost 90 USD. Even if I worked for months at the prosecutor’s office where I’m a typist, I won’t be able to make that kind of money. Besides, I give all my earnings to my grandma and then have to ask for my bus fare back. It’s not like I could ask her for that amount. She’d think I’m crazy to spend that much on clothing. She’d rather buy me an ironing board or something else I might need as a part of my dowry.

I walk home in tears saying a mental goodbye to the trousers. In that moment, I let go. It wasn’t meant to be….

That night I go to bed early. I fall asleep instantly, only to be awakened by an unexpected noise a couple of hours later. The iron gates outside of my windows are banging. What’s going on? I run downstairs and to my utter surprise my younger uncle is closing the gates. It’s well after midnight and for a moment I think I’m still dreaming. My uncle lives in Moscow and hasn’t visited for the past three years. After hugging each other and doing a double take on his presence, he surprises me again by pressing something into my palm. It’s only when I’m in the house I open my palm.

I’m holding a 100 USD bill.

Never before (or after) did my uncle give me money. Tears stream down my face and I don’t know whether to thank my uncle or the universe.

Needless to say, the next morning I got my precious trousers.

I remember this experience so vividly for a simple reason:

When we ask universe for what we want and surrender, it delivers.

My problem was (and has been for a long time) that I try to work out solutions with my mind. Mind is great, I love my mind. But mind can offer only a limited range of solutions.

When we release attachment to the outcome and ask for help, the universe can deliver in unexpected ways.

I know, it’s easier said than done sometimes, but it’s possible. Personally, I’m in the process of re-learning the art of letting go. I’ve been trying to control pretty much every aspect of my life and having ideas about what should happen to my book, business, work, life. Frankly, none of those areas has been working very well lately. So I’m releasing my attachment to having it my way, and surrendering to the Universe and to my highest self to lead the way. My mind got me this far, but to move forward in life, I need to let go.

Have you had experience of wanting something so badly you couldn’t stop thinking about it? What did you do? Did you get it? Were you able to manifest it in an unexpected way which turned out to be way better than any ideas conjured up by your mind?

Please share, I’d love to hear from you.

16 thoughts on “How to Get What You Really Want

  1. I was deeply impressed when reading your words… What an amazing experience you’ve had. When I look back at my life, it really gave me anything I ever asked for. But only in a different order or by learning me the lesson to be patient. Thank you for sharing this 💙

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    • Thank you for reading and your kind comment Marije. Sometimes what we think we want and what we really want are two different things. They may coincide at times, but our being is so much more expansive than our mind. And so the universe may have delivered what your soul wanted…. I did this exercise recently around setting intention for a course I was doing. I did it once with my mind, and then the same with my heart. Similar direction, but different expansion. It’s so good to be in touch.

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  2. Reading this, I just had to smile. It amazes me every time, how I can relate to your experiences. The experience in it self may be different, but the outcome is the same: Yes, I am too in a face in my life, where I am learning to let go. Realizing it isn’t only about wanting to control, but wanting to do good and accepting you can’t always do good without hurting someone else, that was also a tough lesson to learn and even harder to accept.
    I think you like this quote ( too 😉
    Big hug! XxX

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    • Oh, that touches a raw nerve, Patty, about fear of hurting others…. But do we really serve others by playing small and undermining what we want? Despite the madness of it all, once upon time I thought we did, only to realise that that it’s a matter of time before resentment start oozing from every pore. Then, it becomes painful for everyone….
      I’m so glad you resonate so much with the post. Big hug xxx

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      • It’s a fine line we must draw between our desire to be self-sacrificing and our need to maintain our self-respect. When our sacrifices are taken for granted and we see that we are being unfairly used, it’s difficult to put on the attitude of kindness and find the right words to stand up for ourselves. I’ve found that if I stuff my right to receive respect and fairness from someone, I will eventually get angry and say things I wish I had not. For me, it takes prayer to walk peacefully through a storm of volatile and, sometimes, needy personalities. Particularly when I was working, I learned from my failures in this regard. My goal is to speak my thoughts clearly and kindly, and to be strong inside and stand my ground if I’m being stepped on.

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      • Nancy, this comment has so much wisdom. Thank you for sharing it here (and apologies for a late response). It’s true, when we know who we are and set clear boundaries, there are certain things which become non-negotiable. I find it difficult to stand my ground when there are needy personalities around me sometimes. Prayer is a beautiful way to stay your ground. I too am learning to speak my thoughts clearly and kindly and to stand strong in my truth.


  3. I love that story of your uncle turning up and giving you the 100 dollar bill. How amazing. Letting go can certainly help some things happen. It can also just let others go. Lovely post, Gulara. I hope the universe brings you what you want as much as what you need.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind wishes, Norah. Yes, letting go can work both ways. Sometimes we think we need something, but actually we are better of releasing it altogether. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I’m still traveling this month. Life should settle back to ‘normal’ from October onwards. Hope all is well with you.x

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