What happens when your dreams come true



When I was in my late teens, I had a university friend who had big dreams. I saw her twice a year, as we studied by correspondence. Back then I envied everything about her (confidence, amazing outfits, generosity, beauty), except for one thing: she was a high-class call girl. Money poured into her life at an astounding speed, and every time I saw her after the class, she was fretting about yet another big dream. The first year it was a car. By the time we finished our summer exams, she was driving a virgin Hyundai Sonata with a fancy number plate. The next examination period was plagued by the anxiety of getting a bigger flat. It didn’t feel long enough before she flashed the keys to the new flat, and, of course, she was now after the new big dream: a baby.

The moment she achieved her dream, she moved on to the next one.

She came to my mind the other day when I was walking towards the European Commission’s building in Luxembourg. The second round of trainings that I and my colleagues were offering there and in Brussels was coming to an end. If you asked me 10 years ago whether I’d be teaching for the European Commission, I’d think you were mad. The dream was too big to even imagine it. Perhaps even five years ago, I’d think it’d be pretty cool to even visit the Commission, never mind train its staff. Today, it felt so normal to walk into the reception with ease and confidence, to know the procedure, to connect with the participants – it didn’t even feel like a dream.

My dream is my new ‘normal’ now.

So my invitation to you today is to appreciate the dream that’s your reality now. Perhaps you were dreaming of becoming a published author or a mum, to live abroad or to travel a lot.

Which of your dreams are you living today?


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14 thoughts on “What happens when your dreams come true

  1. I love this Gulara. At first I thought – nah, I haven’t done anything very exciting. Then I thought about it and you’re absolutely right. We reach our goals and forget we ever had them. It’s so easy to take these achievements for granted but your post reminds us to savour them. Like taking time to smell the roses in our dream garden 🙂

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    • Thank you, Fiona, I must admit, I’m guilty of it myself. It’s easy to forget about what we’ve been yearning for a long time when it becomes our daily reality. Besides life goes on and we’ve got other dreams to pursue. But appreciating what we’ve achieved can give us strength to move towards the next goal with more confidence. Thank you so much for reading and commenting too.

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  2. What a wonderful post again. Thank you so much! My dream is to wake up and feeling I am the one who I am and appreciating myself, doing what I can do best and loving the ones around me, the ones I want to love. And slowly, I am getting there. In fact, the ‘pure sense of being’, living. The normal ‘now’. And it feels so good.
    Looking back at my past, I realise, all my material dreams have come to reality. And my dream of having a family as well. I have all I ever wanted, but looking back, I realise I forgot myself in the path of life. Those material dreams, wanting everything and everybody around us, but forgetting the real dreams, which are so easy to fulfil.
    I wonder how your friend is doing today? Still chasing dreams?
    Have a wonderful day x

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    • Like you, Marije, I’m living most of my dreams. I have beautiful children, a loving family, financial stability and great job. Of course, I want to achieve even more, but I have to watch out for my tendency to get ahead of myself and onto the next shiny thing. Like you, I’m practicing the art of ‘being’ because ultimately, it’s not about achievements, but that sense of contentment and embodiment of who we truly are.
      I’ve lost touch with that friend many years ago, so I have no idea what’s her life is like today. What I understand now is that constant chase for the next thing was about the desire to feel better about herself. She achieved it but the feeling didn’t come (because material things can’t give us that feeling), so she set the bigger goal and thought achieving that would fill that hole inside….
      I’ve certainly done that myself until I recognised that the only way to feel better is to turn within.
      Have a wonderful day.x

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  3. I always told myself, not wanting to be like my mother…at 40 regretting some decisions made in the past and not be, where I dreamed of wanting to be. It took me a few years longer, but now at 45, I can honestly say; I don’t regret any choices made before.
    No, not happy all the time, but I learned that is ok too. Giving in to my feelings of insecurity, sadness,frustration, even despair every now and than are nowadays ‘lessons to learn’.
    I also learned to keep on dreaming, because we humans need goals to keep life interesting, challenging, adventures.
    As always, great article again. Big hug, XxX

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    • No one is happy all the time. It’s impossible. The point is to allow whatever feelings come through and keep dreaming. So important! But also appreciating what is. Gratitude is so healing and empowering. Thank you for your thoughtful response, Patty, and for reading of course. I appreciate you. Big hug.xxx

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      • I am so happy you also agree, it is impossible to be happy all the time. Yes, we should focus on the positive, but there are some people who go ‘overboard’ with that.
        Love you too, dear Gulara. XxX

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      • Happiness is just moments in time. It’s not a state. And there’s nothing worse than false positivity. For me the aim is to be real with all the range of emotions we were gifted as humans. It’s work in progress 🙂 Love to you too Patty.xxx

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  4. Dreamed of having children, yes, of having a nice place to live, yes, of being free to walk in the sunshine and enjoy the seasons and the sunshine and the rain and the rainbows, yes, of exploring spiritual teachings with enlightened and not so enlightened beings, yes, of exploring what is deep in my heart and moving in me, yes and no often, of saying yes to life, just as it is, with all its warts n all – working on that one!

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    • It’s part of the journey, isn’t it, Lorraine, saying ‘yes’ to life moment by moment. How wonderful that life said ‘yes’ to so many things you wanted for your life. Each and every one of them is a big blessing. Thank you for reading and joining the conversation. Hope all is well in your life. Sending much love.xx


  5. More and more I am aware that life is uncertain at all times. With this in mind I give thanks every day for all that is good in my life and the world. It’s true that I forget that I’ve achieved some of my dreams 🙂 … do I have another dream in mind? Maybe right now as I ‘comment’ only in whatever way I can within my verrrry small area of influence to contribute towards making the world a better place. Thanks Gulara for your lovely post! May you continue from strength to strength!

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    • Thank you, dear Susan. Yes to contributing to making the world a better place! I’m learning to give thanks to life for many things, especially my body. Every time I go dancing I’m blown away as to what a gift it is to be able to move freely. It’s such a simple practice but I immediately feel better for it. Thank you for all your support, Susan.

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  6. Hello Gulara. This is an amazing, thought-provoking post. Thank you for sharing. I need to get back to this. I have my big dreams (according to my mother) that I’m still working on achieving and my head has not been where I am now which might have been a dream before. Did I dream of what I have now? The job? The family? Were they expectations? Did I only have big dreams? Are they all outstanding? Did I dream to have the Jimmy Choo and Porsche? I don’t know… A worthwhile contemplation… Much love and hugs, Anne

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Anne. I’m glad the post resonated with you. I love this distinction you draw between dreams and expectations. I think certain things the society and our families expect from us, like having kids or getting a job, and it doesn’t even feel like a dream, unless there are some obstacles in the way. Where do people’s expectations end and our dreams begin? I guess it’s different for everyone, the answers are all within…. Do we listen to our heart or what the society dictates. That is the question. Much love to you too, thank you so much for stopping by.

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