Wrapping 2017 Up


2017 has been a big year for me.

  • I’ve had 14 trips to seven different countries. Honestly, it felt like I’ve hardly been in Birmingham this year.
  • I reconnected with dear friends I haven’t seen for over a decade.
  • I gained 18 kilos (40 lbs) of lightness.
  • My book got longlisted (top 10) for the TLC Pen Factor competition for the second consecutive year.

2017 had its own challenges too.

  • My grandma, who brought me up, took her last breath in my arms.
  • My husband had a heart attack in the midst of my travels and somehow managed to care for our kids for two weeks (we didn’t know until after I got back from my travels).
  • And I found it difficult to juggle work, family and my passions. So, blogging took a back seat for much of the summer, and my book has been on the backburner pretty much for most of this year.
  • Oh, and we got snowed in…. For a country with so much weather, it’s remarkable how badly we cope with any weather variations.

Beyond the struggles and achievements, it’s been a year of self-discovery. I’ve kept stripping back all the layers which held me back. This new depth of healing is not always easy. You start seeing things in a different light, and changes don’t always feel comfortable, although I appreciate how they can serve me in a long-run. Perhaps my biggest frustration this year was knowing that often I’m still playing small and there’s so much more I can offer to the world. A part of the problem is not having time for things which matter to me personally. My day job can take up as much time as I give it. So can my kids. I’m learning to prioritise important things over urgent ones and I hope to put this into practice in the coming year.

My big dream for 2018 is to feel spacious. I want time and space to create and live in full alignment with my soul’s purpose. My prayer is to feel fully expressed, seen and heard in 2018. I strive to write from a connected place within, the highest self, and to vibrate at a frequency that strikes a cord with people’s hearts. My intention is to be a conduit of transformation whether through my words or through the healing space I hold for other writers. Amen.

What is your big dream, dear reader? Is there something that your heart longs for but which seems beyond your reach? Come and join my community here and let me support you in achieving your dreams.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season!

With much love,

Gulara xx

P.S. I’m signing off for a much needed rest till mid-January.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping 2017 Up

    • Thank you dear Patty, especially for such a lovely surprise – you made my day! It’s been such a pleasure and honour to have you on this journey. I value and appreciate you. Happy Christmas and New Year. Wishing you an amazing year ahead! With so much love. Gulara xxx

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