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The Compassion Key

In my work as an energy healer for writers and other creatives I primarily use two healing techniques: the Compassion Key and Non-Personal Awareness. Apart from my intuitive gifts which I use to tune into your energy. On this page I will give you detailed information about the Compassion Key, a powerfull healing technique that was created by Edward Mannix. I am a certified Master practioner.

Before I explain how Compassion Key works, let’s step back and look at the bigger picture.

When something traumatic happens to you as a child, what do you do? Much of the time, you end up stuffing your pain right down, because you don’t have the resources or perhaps even the vocabulary to deal with it. Years pass and then a similar situation arises (have you noticed that some patterns keep repeating themselves in your life? This is why.) It’s like your subconscious says: ‘Look, you have unfinished business. You are strong enough to handle it now.’ Except it triggers that old pain in you. So, you turn away and say ‘Go away. I don’t want to feel you. I’d rather numb out.’ You find new ways of keeping the pain down. Perhaps your thing is to overeat, or to hide away. Or maybe you sabotage yourself when things go well.

How does this relate to writing?

Let’s say you were criticised a lot as a child. You are an adult now. All that pain is a thing of the past. But when you imagine putting your book out into the world, that wounded child in you gets terrified. She says, ‘Don’t even think of publishing it. Imagine the pain of them criticising your book.’ All of this is not conscious, of course. In your mind, you want to publish that book and do well. But then you sabotage your every attempt to get it out into the world.
What Compassion Key does is to heal that child. You send her compassion, your warm heart energy and acknowledge all the pain she might have felt. By the way, you give her compassion for whatever she feels – however rational or irrational it may sound. Give her voice. It’s been bottled up for way too long. As she heals and integrates, she’ll stop running the show and trying to get some attention at every opportunity. Then, you as an adult can step forward and decide what to do with your book from a place of empowerment and not fear.

This is just a brief explanation. I guide you through the entire process, so you don’t need to remember anything, but I wanted to explain the mechanics of this work, so that your mind can rest in peace. You’ll be working with your subconscious thoughts, thoughts you are often not aware having. There’s very little for your conscious mind to do in this process. It’s not so much about doing. It’s a process that’ll help you to undo your old patterns which are not serving you anymore. When you are free of your old patterns and stop getting in your own way, your light can shine freely and writing takes care of itself.

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