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My name is Gulara Vincent and I help writers to gain momentum by healing their unconscious fears and negative beliefs about themselves and their writing.

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As a Master Compassion Key facilitator I truly listen to my client’s stories and lovingly help them script a new path – one paved with deep healing and empowerment.

When you work with me, you can expect to be unconditionally heard. My natural warmth and compassion create a safe space for writers to express long-held feelings of unworthiness and negativity. My work aims to dissolve these limiting beliefs and inspire a life lived with freedom, ease and grace.

I work with clients in one-to-one sessions in-person and via Skype. I also love to run online courses on specific topics in which I can serve many people at once. These courses can be followed online. And if you live locally, you can also attend my workshops in West Midlands.

When I’m not working you can find me enjoying the company of my two children or singing up a storm with my local choir group. 

If you have any quesions, please feel free to contact me!


FRIDAY 15th of march, 10 am UK time


That’s the title of my short speech (3.34 min)
When you click on the image below you can watch.
Hopefully I will inspire you to tell your story and get it out there.
Because it matters.
You matter.
Don’t stay stuck. Promiss me..

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