Gulara Vincent helps writers to gain momentum by healing their unconscious fears and negative beliefs about themselves and their writing. Her work as a Master Compassion Key facilitator allows her to truly listen to her client’s stories and lovingly help them script a new path – one paved with deep healing and empowerment.

Gulara works with clients in-person and via Skype. Check out some of the testimonials from her past clients. And if you live locally, you can also attend her workshops in West Midlands.

When you work with Gulara, you can expect to be unconditionally heard. Her natural warmth and compassion create a safe space for writers to express long-held feelings of unworthiness and negativity. Gulara’s work aims to dissolve these limiting beliefs and inspire a life lived with freedom, ease and grace.

When she’s not working you’ll find Gulara enjoying the company of her two children or singing up a storm with her local choir group.

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19 thoughts on “About

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  3. Thank you for following my blog today, Dr. Gulara. I have enjoyed poking around in yours, observing that you are accomplished academically and enjoy photographing natural wonders. In 2011 we visited Ukraine, which probably has some similarities to the culture of your country. Best wishes in all of your varied pursuits including child-care and the literary, which strikes me as a nice counter-balance.

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    • Thank you for visiting and having a look around, Marian, I’ve been doing the same on yours 🙂 Really enjoyed your posts, the ones I’ve read so far. Look forward to reading more. I came across your blog through Susan’s nomination for the challenge. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing photos and your stories.

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    • Hello Rebecca. thank you so much for the nomination as well as visiting my website. Sorry for the delay in replying. I just got back from a family holiday. I’ll certainly follow up with the nomination once I arrive a little bit. I enjoyed visiting your website. I admire you greatly – to do this with three young kids requires commitment and determination (I’ve got two and my youngest is 6 months old). I hope we keep in touch!

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      • You’re most welcome 🙂 I read through some of your pieces too, and I adore your writing. You have such a passion and talent for the craft and your work is so easy to read. It’s 4am so I have to stop myself haha but I can’t wait to see what stories come from your life.
        We have 3 year and 2 year old girls and a 4 month old boy. They are the light of our life. Though tiring sometimes. Writing is my way of relaxing and switching off from the daily routine and, like some of your earlier posts, it is my big dream to get my work out there.
        Thank you for visiting and I hope we keep in touch too, you are a lovely person.


      • Many-many thanks for your kind words, Rebecca, it’s wonderful that my writing resonated with you. I’m setting some time aside today to enjoy some of your earlier posts. Deep gratitude for this connection – I am pleased we’ve found each other 🙂

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      • Please do! I’m sure there is a lot in the story of your life that would interest people. Even more in the US than in Europe in some ways, since there is a wake up interest for this part of the world that has changed so much.

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      • Yes, I do hope to reach people in the US. It’s a fascinating era I’m writing about, and a fairly unknown part of the world. Plus, the storyline is riveting – couldn’t make it up even if I wanted to. 🙂

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  6. Hi I’m delighted to find your blog through a tweet on @susanscott and you know, I’ve always been convinced that ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’ and this is so synchronistic at this point for me! So thanks and best wishes, Roberta

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