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As I’ve been pondering the question of self-sabotage, I reached out to my writerly community and asked for their take on this subject. I had so many brilliant responses that I have enough material for another ten posts. But one answer captured my approach to self-sabotage so fully that I asked the author whether I could quote it in full. Here’s what Stephanie said (@tiredpsych):

“I think some people self-sabotage if on some level they feel guilt or undeserving. This can be triggered at certain points in life but would often have a historical basis. Those who have a pattern of giving a lot of their time to others and suppressing their own needs would be more at risk of this. There’s a fragility to doing well too so those who’ve suffered very difficult experiences earlier in life can learn to mistrust positives as they were so fleeting and the negatives that followed can be treated as linked causally even when they weren’t.”

Bingo! You sabotage yourself when you feel you don’t deserve good things; this pattern is often unconscious and stems from some childhood experiences.
What I do in my healing work is to heal those negative beliefs you picked up as a child, so that those old programmes don’t hold you back.

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