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‘I don’t have time to write.’
‘I’m not a ‘real’ writer.’
‘It’s too self-indulgent to write.’

Sounds familiar? These are disempowering beliefs you carry around. Sadly, they often become self-fulfilling. Somehow, as humans, we’d rather be right than happy. So, when you believe that there’s not enough time to write, unconsciously, you’d create a situation which would highjack the time you could be writing. You might get ill, for example. Yes, I know, I know, sometimes a cold is just that: a cold. But if there’s a pattern and you get ill every time you set aside time for writing, there may be some limiting belief at the core of it.

Why? Because subconsciously, you may fear that if you write and complete that project, you’d be in some sort of pain.

‘But I’m already in pain from being ill!’ A client of mine said one. Yes, you are, but from the perspective of your subconscious, spending a week in bed is as nothing compared to the pain you might experience if someone criticises your writing (and by extension you). These are your internal saboteurs you don’t even know you have. Until you stop and explore them.

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