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I have a question for you: Do you accept yourself?

You may say, yes, sure, why do you even ask.

Then the next time you look in the mirror, notice what you say to yourself. Do you feel gratitude for having this body which does so many amazing things for you? Or do you examine your thighs, your wrinkles, your breasts, etc and sigh with dissatisfaction?

The next time you go to work, notice what you say to yourself. Do you feel satisfaction from the work you do and sense of achievement from offering your gifts to the world? Or do you feel dread at the prospect of getting yourself to work and thinking it’s just a matter of time before they find out that you are a fraud.

The next time you see your loved one or a friend, notice what you say to yourself. Do you feel filled with joy from spending time with them, because your very presence is enough? Or do you criticise yourself for the things you say, for the way you look, or for the way you act.
Those are just three examples.

My invitation to you today is check in – what parts of yourself do you welcome, and which ones do you reject? How are your loud, sexual, insatiable, ambitious, lazy, laid-back, driven, and many-many other parts doing? Can you welcome them home? Until you welcome and integrate those parts, it’s hard to feel whole.

Be gentle, this enquiry can bring up a lot.

Want to deepen your self acceptance?

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