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FRIDAY 15th of march, 10 am UK time

‘You can’t clear a house

until you are willing to see the dirt’

Louise Hay ~

Even the queen of positivity acknowledges that until you accept what is,

it’s hard to change your reality.

Transformation starts with acceptance.

Often we fight our reality because we fear that if we accept something unpleasant,

we may reinforce it and feel stuck.

Quite the contrary is true:

with acceptance comes clarity and peace.

But how to get there? Often it’s easier said then done. 

I have found that working with energy clearing is the key to get to that state of self acceptance

Care to get a taste of it?

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FRIDAY 15th of march, 10 am UK time

Heal yourself,

and you will be unstoppable 

I really love how you seem to have such keen insight in what is keeping me stuck. I have noticed this in our 1:1 sessions, but also on the free calls. I love that you take the time to check with the participants what’s bothering them and how you then weave that into the call.

And everytime I come of the call with you, whether it’s free or paid, there is a suprise email or some other encouragement that miraculously appears, telling me “Go on woman, you are on the right track”.

I highly recommend Gulara!

Monique Coppens, coach & writer at

‘One of the biggest shifts you helped me to achieve was to debunk perfection. It totally changed my outlook for life and made so many things easier.’

Maya, University lecturer

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to write but doesn’t know what holds them back.

Discovering the underlying multiple blockages and being able to transform them is a major revelation and also the solution to getting results fast. I can highly recommend this course and amazing Gulara Vincent as guide to your writing freedom!’

Tsering Chozom, Austria

I am overwhelmed and filled with gratitude for the work you are doing and will miss our weekly course call from now on 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering this work at such an accessible cost and I will certainly recommend it.

Thank you for your compassion and love.

Lindsey Bayley and


FRIDAY 15th of march, 10 am UK time

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