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My first ever client came to me because she didn’t have time to write. She had two young kids, and while she didn’t have a job to go to, her duties around the house and childcare ate up all of her time.

So I asked: what would happen if you did have time to write?

All the fears and objections started pouring out, along with memories of not feeling adequate and not fitting in at school and at uni. We healed them gently, and she left lighter and brighter. Today, she describes herself as ‘the real writer’, having secured an agent, writing regularly, and receiving the recognition she deserves.

Somehow, when the fears and doubts were put to rest, time was not an issue anymore. She went out to a local café and spend hours writing.
I’m not saying that everyone who works with me will achieve what she did. What I am saying though is that ‘not having time to write’ is often a red herring. It’s not the *real* issue.

Here’s what one of my fellow writers said recently:
“What I constantly do is sabotage my chances of being a successful writer by not forcing myself to carve out time to do my writing as I tell myself I’m not worthy of success.”

Exercise Time

If you are interested in finding out, take a piece of paper, write down ‘I’ll write my book [or whatever you want to write] when…’ and then without thinking complete this sentence twenty times or until you feel empty. The key is not to think: just pour your heart out and if you get stuck, just write ‘I don’t know’.
You may be surprised to find what’s really in the way. Drop me a line and let me know what you’ve uncovered.

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