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My approach to overcoming writer’s block is simple:

You’re blocked not due to lack of inspiration

but rather an abundance of fear.


and your creativity takes care of itself

In working with writers, I have uncovered three core fears which sabotage your success:

  1. fear of failure
  2. fear of exposure
  3. fear of success

In this course, I’ll help you to heal some of the core fears which get in the way of your creative project.

In this homestudy course you will find four 60-minute call with where you can heal each of these fears.

Here’s what the calls cover:

Week 1. Fear of failure: 
In this interactive call, you will heal your fear of failure.
Topics covered:

  • Topics covered:
  • Procrastination
  • Fear of disappointment
  • Fear of rejection
  • Self-imposed limitations
  • Pain of failure
  • Shame of failing

Week 2. Fear of exposure: 
In this interactive call, you will heal your fear of exposure.
Topics covered:

  • An imposter syndrome
  • Shame around not feeling good enough
  • Fear of judgment
  • Fear of being misunderstood
  • Fear of criticism or punishment
  • Habit of hiding out and not feeling seen or heard
  • Perfectionism

Week 3. Fear of success: 
In this interactive call, you will heal your fear of success.
Topics covered:

  • Who am I to be successful? Patterns of holding yourself back.
  • Comparing your ‘idea’ of success with what others achieved
  • Handling attention
  • Making success a moving target
  • Negative consequences of success
  • Not feeling safe to shine
  • Permission to be successful

Week 4. Integration
In this interactive call, you will integrate all the healing from the past three weeks.
Topics covered:

  • Moving forward with your creative project
  • Clearing your path to completion
  • Re-connecting with joy and innocence of the creative process
  • Allowing creativity to come through you
  • Making space inside and out
  • Creating miracles through your work.

Are you ready to transform your life? Yes, not just writing, but your life as a whole. Because if you have a pattern of hiding out as a writer, chances are you are doing it in other parts of your life too. So, this course is life-changing. Stay open and let miracles unfold.

Here’s what a few of the participants said after attending my live calls:

Thank you Gulara for the call today. It was very good. It took me to places within myself where I would have not thought of looking at and releasing the energies associated. Urmila, England

That call was perfect timing. I feel I released a lot. Ula, Poland

I popped onto the free call with Gulara, because I had a session with her before and I know how powerful her work is. In the call I found out that I had trouble claiming “I want to get paid for what I love to do”. That was a great insight. And I’ve already experienced a shift, because, first, today, I was paid for something I enjoyed doing and had an interview for a great position. Monique, the Netherlands

So here’s the deal

Your investment: 87GBP 
Your return: letting go of what is stopping you in writing and in life

Pricing in other currencies: 

Euro 114
USD 134

Frequently asked questions:


How do you heal those fears?
I use primarily two healing techniques: Compassion Key (by Edward Mannix) and Non-Personal Awareness (by Joel Young). You can read more about those techniques on this page and this page.
In short, with both clearing techniques we will be working with your subconscious thoughts, thoughts you are often not aware having. There’s very little for your conscious mind to do in this process. You call in and tell a bit about what’stopping you, or you type it in the chatbox. Gulara will then guide you through the excersizes addressing these specific topics. It’s not so much about doing. It’s a process that’ll help you to undo your old patterns which are not serving you anymore. When you are free of your old patterns and stop getting in your own way, your light can shine freely and writing takes care of itself.

Will group healing help my particular circumstances?
I will run a survey before the start of the programme to get a sense of your specific circumstances and will incorporate those elements into the programme. Try to share as much as you can so that I can offer tailored help. And if there’s something specific you want to explore 1:1, that’s possible too.

Will I ever get stuck again?
This course is not a ‘magic’ bullet. You will clear what’s ready to be released right now in relation to a specific project you want to focus on in this round. It’s possible that some of these fears may re-surface when you start a new project, but their intensity is likely to be less in the future. Besides, you’ll have awareness if it happens in the future; plus you’ll be equipped with the tools to clear the blocks.

Can I get a refund?
I don’t offer refunds for a simple reason: at some point in the process your subconscious mind may get scared and hold you back by trying to get you out the programme. Please, commit to the process of healing those old wounds. It’s much more painful to carry them around than to spend a month healing them. 


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