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In my work as an energy healer for writers and other creatives I primarily use two healing techniques: the Compassion Key and Non-Personal Awareness. Apart from my intuitive gifts which I use to tune into your energy. On this page I will give you detailed information about Non-Personal Awareness, a powerfull healing technique that was created by Joel Young. I am a certified practioner.

Non-Personal Awareness is a simple energy clearing tool. It’s a short sequence of 6 lines which is absolutely magical. Here’s how it works:
When something painful happens and you don’t know how to process it, it often gets locked up in your body. For example, you might get a lot of throat pain if you couldn’t express yourself freely as a child. It’s like that stuck energy turns into some physical block.

Another note about Non-Personal Awareness. Have you noticed that some words you say carry a lot of charge? You may gesticulate saying them or raise your voice, perhaps. Those words are like labels for the stuck energy you are holding in your system.

So, where necessary, I’ll ask you to empty out your thoughts without censoring yourself or complete a sentence. The first word that pops into your mind is the best word, even if it makes no sense whatsoever, because it’s the label for the stuck energy. You then run the word through the Non-Personal Awareness sequence and it helps to dissipate it like a charm. You may feel some energy moving inside, physical sensations, remember some events, or… nothing. Whatever shows up is just right.

This is just a brief explanation. I guide you through the entire process, so you don’t need to remember anything, but I wanted to explain the mechanics of this work, so that your mind can rest in peace. You’ll be working with your subconscious thoughts, thoughts you are often not aware having. There’s very little for your conscious mind to do in this process. It’s not so much about doing. It’s a process that’ll help you to undo your old patterns which are not serving you anymore. When you are free of your old patterns and stop getting in your own way, your light can shine freely and writing takes care of itself.




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