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How to Gain Momentum

Do you feel stuck in life? Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you don’t get anywhere? Perhaps, you’ve even given up trying by now. Staying afloat is all you can do. But maintaining the status quo is not that easy or comfortable. It requires a lot of your energy, leaving you drained and frustrated with yourself and the world around you.

This course will help you to clear the way to your dreams.

To gain momentum and to bring new energy into your life, you need to be willing to release your stuck energy, past hurts and old grudges. And I’m here to help you to do that with ease and grace.

In module 1, you will overcome your fear of failure, by healing your stories around not feeling safe to be heard and seen, the way you relate to other people and to yourself, your attitude towards your body and your unique gifts in the world.

In module 2, you will release any stuck-ness caused by fear of exposure: all those (un)written rules around what we can show to the world, lack of confidence, judgment from others and our own prejudices towards other people and ourselves.

In module 3, the focus is on fear of success. You will heal any blocks around claiming your gifts in the world and feeling safe to shine; you will release your resistance to receiving support and celebrating your success.

In module 4, you will integrate any parts of yourself which you have disowned, rejected or sacrificed. It’ll help you to release any inner conflict which in turn will allow you to focus on your goals without any self-sabotage.


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