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Recently, I’ve been working with a client whose child gets very upset at the prospect of her mum being away to promote her business. Worn out from juggling childcare and building a business, she felt a huge relief from acknowledging that somehow her family doesn’t get that she’s doing it for them. After all, she puts in all this effort to bring extra cash home so that her children can have more comfortable lives.

I totally resonate. I’ve been dreaming of quitting my ‘day job’ since my kids arrived because I want to be there with them as much as I can. For most of my adult life, I wanted to be a mum. Now that I have two adorable kids, of course I want to spend my time with them, especially while they are still young.

But as a human, I’m more complex than that.

When I set out to build my business, there was no shadow of doubt in my mind that I’m doing it for my family. I told myself I want to structure my work around my kids’ needs and availability, not the other way around. My mind managed to convince me that work wasn’t important and all that mattered was my relationship with the kids.

Except building a business is work. It’s a lot of work, if you ask me. And as my daughter tried to shut the screen of my computer last night in an attempt to involve me into counting invisible children in the room, I recognised with pain and sadness that the part of me which loves my kids is at war with the part that learnt to put work first.

It takes a lot of courage and grief to name and acknowledge that part. As a woman, I am conditioned to put my family first. In theory, I’d love to do that. In practice, however, my actions tell a different story. But without acknowledging what is, it’s impossible to change. So long as I defend my workaholic tendencies, find excuses and justifications, the pattern is not going to budge.

The truth is I want both. I want a fulfilling career that brings financial abundance into my life and plenty of time and space to connect with my kids. But so long as I pretend that one side of the scale is heftier than the other, it’s hard to walk your own talk.

Change starts with self-acceptance.

What do you need to accept today in order to move past an unhealthy pattern in your life?

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