After my session with Gulara, I finally had big picture clarity on my novel. I can now see my readers, and not just one or two. The session helped me move forward with less fear and more confidence that my book is needed in the world. Also as a side effect, I realized how I can move forward with my blogging in a way that reflects some of the themes and messages of my novel. Urszula Humeinik, writer


After my first session with Gulara I left equipped with a few affirmations, daily reminders in my phone to say them, blind faith and much more patience. Now, 2 months later, I have a plot, 2 songs and a great outline for a play. Inspiration just seemed to appear after the work I did with Gulara. I just had to be patient and clear the space in my life for it to appear.

Rebecca, writer.


I want to thank the beautiful, immensely gifted Gulara Vincent for an eye-opening deep-dive in a Compassion Key session a couple of days ago. Some of the insights that surfaced through Gulara’s warm and steady guidance were profound! To feel how I have been afraid to stand in my fullest, magnificent power and then to let go of the fear so that I can create unlimited change in the world was a huge shift for me.
Gulara is highly intuitive, and combines that with her expertise to facilitate a powerful healing session. I will be recommending her without a doubt!
Much love to you, Gulara – I am so thankful x Karen Geddis


‘I felt so lovingly “held” during the session; such a valuable shift at the time, and onflowing since working with you. So many opportunities opening up for me, and even more reinforcements coming that it IS right to care for me first. I want to tell you how quietly magically unworried and real I’m feeling. Much gratitude.’ Wendy, EFT practitioner, Australia


I had received my third session with Gulara, she holding me magnificently and indescribably capably as she does, journeying beside me through childhood pain and beaming, ‘I’m sorry’ into every crevice. Simple yet so very powerful, the combination of witnessing my childhood self and, with Gulara’s guidance, the light of compassion kissing, forthright and unapologetically, old wounds, created a magical stirring. And, of course, a healing. Sophie, writer, England


I used Gulara’s mentoring services in 2016 and I found her to be patient, insightful and intuitive in her approach. Gulara helped me to come to useful conclusions and find space in my life for writing. She us an excellent listener, highly intelligent and kind. I would highly recommend the service she provides.
Anna, writer.


I had my session with Gulara to address how hard I was being on myself and the impact it was having on me. I was going round in circles. In the session, I found myself tackling long held issue I had been carrying for years and years. I instantly felt at ease in Gulara’s hands. She was professional and calm and I felt safe. This proved to be very important because we went deep. The power of the simple approach was incredible – I knew instantly from my emotional response when Gulara had identified a component of my experience that was in need of attention. With her careful listening, she did this over and over. We went at a steady pace, that gave me a chance to pause, whilst still remain in the flow state she created. At the end of the session, I felt a huge sense of peace and that the visualisation she had guided me through, letting go of that long-held onto idea, had had a physical effect on me, mentally and physically. It now feels resolved, something I didn’t think was possible. Thank you Gulara. Suzy, England


Over the past year or so I had a somewhat emotionally fraught relationship with my boss. There was a lot of tension, some face-to-face arguments, a few emails with thinly-disguised passive aggressive messages from both sides. I felt diminished, cornered, undermined, undervalued. In simple terms, I thought she hated me, sought out opportunities to find flaws in my work, to prove I wasn’t a good enough colleague. I was stressed out that she was interfering with my development opportunities by dictating what I was allowed to do and on which terms. I felt under a constant pressure to prove I was good and frightened that I would fail to win this battle.
Gulara’s help was like a divine intervention. After we’ve “processed” my issues, everything changed. There was no need to clear the air with my boss. It was much more transformational and directly effective. I don’t feel stressed out when I write to her. She has made a few really positive comments on my work and now accompanies her messages to me with smiley faces! I can share jokes and feel confident enough to seek her advice when needed. Most importantly, I don’t feel any of the previous fear, anxiety, tension. Most importantly, this change did not require many long sessions. The results could be seen almost immediately. Maya, University Lecturer


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