THREE SECRETS TO OVERCOMING WRITER’S BLOCK (free call thursday june 14 or 21)

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Is this you?

Sitting in front of your computer
Staring at a blank screen
Not being able to get any words down
while knowing you are meant to tell that story.
Full of despair. 

Well, that’s where I was ten years ago when I was writing my thesis.

If you can relate then let me quickly ease your pain.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

As an energy healer and coach, I found a quick, simple and easy way of dealing with writer’s block. You’re blocked not due to a lack of inspiration, but rather an abundance of fear. Heal those fears and your creativity takes care of itself.

In my healing work with writers, I have uncovered three core fears which sabotage your success:

    1. fear of failure,
    2. fear of exposure, and
    3. fear of success.

These are the fears I address with writers in my one-on-one sessions.

Using energy clearing tools, I can help you to release fears which get in the way of your writing or any creative endeavour.

Want to experience first hand what my energy clearing can do for your writing and creativity?

Then join my free webinar and find out!

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I am hosting a free interactive live call where we will work on these fears with energy clearing tools, such as “compassion key”. I will explain more about these tools and give you a chance to work on your own personal blocks live on the call.

Even if you don’t receive 1:1 facilitation, you will benefit greatly from participating in the clearing of other callers’ blocks.

Sign up for the live interactive call here

I am giving you two opportunities to join in,
thursday 14 and 21 juni, 10.30 AM UK TIME
You can attend one of the calls, or both.