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I’ve been exploring self-sabotage lately. If you haven’t seen my previous posts, check them out here

Today, I invite you to do a divine experiment with me. Let me give you an analogy which explains what we are doing: To tidy up a home, you need to be willing to see the mess. This exercise is designed for you to see what clutters your inner space.

Below, I’m going to list a number of limiting beliefs. Take a deep breath in and read through the list and see which ones create a reaction in your body.

Note: I must admit, it’s easy to recognise many of those beliefs, so take deep breaths throughout. The point of this exercise is not to overwhelm you, but to recognise what *really* gets in the way of your writing.

Disempowering beliefs

Tune in and rate it on the scale of 1-10 (1 means it’s not true and 10 means you feel it in every bone).
I’m not a real writer (I haven’t got the right qualification, experience, publications, etc.)

  • It’s too self-indulgent to write
  • No one wants to read my writing
  • I’ve got too many other things to do
  • No one makes living out of writing
  • No one would buy my book / pay for my writing
  • Agents / publishers will reject me
  • You must have a tough skin to be a writer
  • No one will take my writing seriously (for example, if it’s self-published)
  • My writing is not good enough
  • I don’t have time to write
  • I don’t know where to start / how to stay on track
  • I can get easily distracted by social media or other people’s dramas
  • I can write only when I’m inspired
  • If I write, I might reveal my (or other people’s) secrets
  • I’ll get 1* reviews (or hate mail)
  • What I’ve got to say is not original enough
  • I don’t have perfect space to write in

I can keep going, but I’m sure this table gave you some idea about disempowering beliefs you may carry around. The next step is to chose one or two beliefs which had the most impact on your being. Write it on top of a page, and free-write anything that comes to mind in response to that belief.

At this point you are not trying to change it; rather, it’s about becoming more aware of your inner landscape. Free-write until you feel empty, and if you feel moved to share with me, hit reply and let me know. Which belief was the strongest and what surprising insights have you uncovered?

Finally, register for my next free call on ‘Overcoming Self-sabotage’, where we’ll dive in at the deep end and heal those limiting beliefs. It’s on on 11 january at 2pm UK time. We’ll be exploring self-sabotage. Register at this link and please, fill in this short survey

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