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In January of last year, I decided to slim down and gain lightness in my physical body. Having two kids and breastfeeding for a long time wasn’t good for my self-discipline and I used to eat way too many cakes.

So, I started a new regime of eating, and it worked. Within a year, I gained about 18 kilos of lightness, and… got stuck on the 70 kilo mark. Every time, my weight creeped down to 68 kilos, I acquired an urge to eat a slice of sickly cake or indulge in chocolate. Within a few days, I was back to my previous weight.
I asked myself: what’s underneath this pattern?

What I discovered didn’t really surprised me. There’s an old and somewhat outdated belief that I’m not safe to be slim and beautiful, because I may attract unwanted male attention. It wasn’t about a lack of willpower or stress in my life; it was the underlying limiting belief which made me sabotage my efforts of getting down to 65 kilos.

The same inner saboteurs stop you from achieving your dreams. You carry around a lot of limiting beliefs you may not be even aware of. So when your writing stalls, it’s not *just* because life happens (which can take many forms – from illness to extra responsibilities at work).

Exercise time

Next time you get off track, ask yourself: ‘What’s the worst than can happen if I complete this task?’ Then pour your subconscious thoughts onto paper. You’d be surprised how many fears bubble up in response. And here’s the good news: once you’re aware of your fears, you’ve done half of the journey. Healing your fears is not that difficult. I’m here to help. Drop me a line, and let’s have a chat about 1:1 session

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